Nadeshico released.

Nadeshico: It's a memorial furniture. Please visit our online shop. http://www.strawberryfair.net/nadeshico/


Notice about work lineup

Isn't there any change for ladies and gentlemen?
Accelerator and brake are repeated until the corona wreck is settled.
The same applies to exchanges with overseas, and the lineup of works is limited due to the raw materials, but we would appreciate it if you could contact us each time.
As for furniture and tableware, it can be deployed as usual.
Please spend your time with your own love.


Notice about work price

We are worried about everyone under the influence of the new coronavirus.
At present, we only produce raw materials for domestic procurement.
Therefore, there are some works that are more expensive than before,
Thank you for your understanding and understanding.
Our world wants to regain our daily life as early as one day,
but someday, We meets for a sunny day.
Please pay attention and beloved and spend every day.